How to Rank Higher on Google with a Secure Website

Google now insists your website is secure with SSL

A big change has been happening on the internet, and it’s affecting business websites. 2017 is the year to make your website secure, or risk being penalized by Google.

Being safer online is a good goal, and Google is rewarding websites that are secure by ranking them higher. This also means they are penalizing websites that are not secure.

Google accounts for 85% of searches made online. It’s a good idea to keep on the right side of what they say!

How to Rank Higher on Google with a Secure Website

What to look for

How can you tell if your website is secure or not? Look at the top of your internet browser, and you will see the website address. Before it, you might see either http or https. The ‘s’ in https signifies a secure website. You will also see a padlock icon. That means the website has a SSL certificate and is secure.

What it all means

Without getting too technical, here’s a quick overview of what it means. SSL stands for ‘Searching over Secure Sockets Layer’ and it provides a more secure and private search experience. This protects against internet cafes, internet providers and Wi-Fi hotspots from seeing what you search for and getting your login information.

The https part of a website address stands for ‘Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure’. It protects the integrity and confidentiality between a person’s computer and a website.

How Google is changing website and security for good

Google began “to use HTTPS as a ranking signal” a few years ago. Secure websites are now considered a must by industry experts for 2017.

How to do it

Contact your hosting provider to ask about pricing. Work with them or a web developer to make your website a secure site.

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Tip of the Week: Get a secure website to rank higher in search.

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