7 SEO Tips for Small Business Website Pages

Practical tips to add SEO to your website pages

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is complex. It relies on strong keyword research to start, and both on-page and off page optimization techniques.

Here are practical tips to add SEO on your website pages.

7 SEO Tips for Small Business Website Pages

A note before diving in: keywords and keyword phrases should be used throughout your website. Don’t use them too often or it will be seen as spam. Included variations of keywords as different phrases, which is like natural speech, and something search engines look for now. Add keywords in these locations: title tag, headlines, ALT tags of images, and throughout in the text.

On-Page SEO Tips

There are many tactics you can do on your website pages. This is called on-page SEO. Here are some tips for adding SEO to your pages.

  1. URL structure: create permalinks and use keywords in your URLs.
  2. Page title tags: Page titles are what search engines read. Use your targeted keywords in the title tag. Make sure to use different ones for each page of your website. Include your keywords, a short description and your business name. Each page title should be 55-70 characters in total.
  3. Meta description: This appears under the page title and is what people read when they see your website in search results. Write a summary of what the page is about in 140-160 characters.
  4. Headings: Within the content on your webpage, make sure to label headings with the H1 and H2 heading tags. This signals what the page is about to the search engines.
  5. ALT text for images: Include an ALT text tag on images on your page. Include a keyword phrase. If the images don’t appear, your ALT tag will show.
  6. Internal linking: Link to other pages on your website when it’s useful to your visitors. This can also help search engines see more about your related content and the value you are offering visitors.
  7. Page content: Write your page content for actual people. If it makes sense to your visitors, it’s likely to make sense to search engines. Use plain, simple and direct language for the best impact.

These are some basic SEO tactics that every small business should be implementing. There are much more advanced tactics once the basics have been implemented.

Does this sound like too much work for you? If you’d prefer to spend your time on other things, book a free 15-minute call to get your SEO done.

Tip of the Week: Get your SEO basics right. Add on-page optimization to help get your website found in online search results.

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