5 Critical SEO Checklist Items

What to optimize on your business website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an always evolving area of marketing, and one that is incredibly important to business. If your business is not showing up in search results and ranking for your industry topic, people simply cannot find your website while searching online. Here are the top 5 areas to improve your SEO this year. If you’re not already doing them, this is a top priority!

5 Critical SEO Checklist Items

Content, keywords, research and long-tail phrases

First and foremost a website should provide useful content to human visitors, and not be wholly design for search engines, such as Google. New content needs to be generated frequently, and older content needs to be updated.

How do you know what content is of value? You will need to do some in-depth research on both what your audience wants, and what they are actively searching for online. Start with research and keyword research to see what is popular in search.

Another tactic is to create content, such as blog posts, for very niche and specific topics. You can then optimize these for long-tail keyword phrases. A long-tail keyword phrase is three or more words that people are searching for online, but not in great quantities. You can become the expert in an area by using this approach.

Mobile friendly and load speed

Two items that impact your website greatly are whether it is mobile friendly, and how fast it loads. Check both using Google’s PageSpeed Insights or for a more in-depth analysis, GTmetrix. Both are free tools.

Connect to the Google Console

Connect your website to the Google Console for more advanced web analysis. You can use this to check for broken links, identify any crawl errors, see how your site appears to Google rather than a human viewer, and look for HTML improvements, to name a few. Also link your Google Analytics account to get more insights.

On page SEO

There are many ways you can optimize your website pages to help the search engines understand them better and rank them higher. These include optimizing for keywords, using headings and alt tags, among others. See 7 tips for on-page SEO here.


Links are still important the on web. You can include links within your website to other pages, as well as link out to other resources and sites.

Building links back to your site is important too, but how they are used has changed. It is no longer about the sheer quantity, but the quality and who is linking back to you.

Together, these 5 items will significantly improve your SEO. Plan it out, and work on updating your SEO for both human visitors and search engines.

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Tip of the Week: Update your SEO with high-value keyword driven content, optimize the design for search, and build an interactive community online.

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