The Importance of Website Structure

Creating a website structure for customers

A website shows what your business is and does; most of all, you want your website to work to bring in business. How your website is structured has a big impact on your bottom line.

Visitors should be able to find information easily, and buy or get in contact seamlessly. The way your website is structured helps people navigate around your site, and it helps search engines understand what is the most important information.

The importance of website structure

The structure of your website will be seen the navigation menu of your website. When the structure is clear and easy to use, your visitors will be able to find what they need easily.

For search engines, such as Google, your website structure shows the importance of different pages and content. This helps with Search Engine Optimization.

The most important information should appear on the far left-hand and right-hand sides of your navigation menu. Typically, the home page will be on the left, and the contact page on the right.

Your top-level information will be reflected in your primary menu items. Include no more than seven items as more than this makes it too difficult for a person to make a choice of where to go. After you have your primary menu items, map out your secondary pages. These pages will fall under your main items.

Your website structure should look like a pyramid. You may only need your primary level and a secondary level. Each page should have one topic and one topic only.

Key information to include:

Home  page – the most important page on your website, it should showcase your best, and most important, information.

Contact page – make this a standalone page so people can easily get in contact. You can also include a call-to-action button or link on other pages which direct to this page.

Privacy Policy – You will need this if you are collecting information, such as email addresses or other personal information. You will also need this is you are tracking your website visitors in any way, which you should be doing to inform your marketing.

Planning your website structure will help both visitors and search engines get around your website. Ultimately, it will drive business as people find what they need and are then able to contact you or make a purchase.

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Tip of the Week: Make sure your website structure makes it easy for visitors and search engines to find information quickly and easily.

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