3 Critical Elements for a Website that Converts

What you need to ask before creating a new website

A business website should work to bring you customers or clients. Websites used to be set up and left unchanged for months, and for some of us, even years. More recently, dynamic websites are the way to go, with continually adding  new content.

Ever more recently, a website is a tool to convert leads into paying customers and clients. A lot of that is unseen on your website. But just how to do you get those leads in the first place? It comes down to your website looks and works, the visitors it gets, and the customer/client leads it generates. Here is how to tell if it is time for a new website.

3 Critical Elements for a Website that Converts

Look and layout

This is all about how your website looks and, more importantly, how it works for the user. When considering if you need a new website, assess whether or not it looks dated. Another important consideration is whether it is mobile friendly. If your site does not work on mobile, you need that fixed. This is called ‘responsive’ which means it automatically adjusts, or is designed for, different size devices, such as a laptop, tablet and mobile.

Visitors to your website

Are you getting visitors to your website? Is it enough? What goals have you set, and how are you achieving them? These are all important when identifying and working out who you want to visit your site, and how to provide the information they will want when they get there.

Think about how a visitor uses your site. If you have tracking in place, such as Google Analytics, you can actually find out what visitors do when they are on your site.  You may need to reorganize the structure of your content. It is important to update older content, and of course to optimize all content.

Getting you leads

If you are getting lots of traffic, but not generating leads, there is a mismatch somewhere. This could be down to the audience, what you are saying, or the information you are providing.

Over time, you may need to realign your offer with your audience, or simply confirm the two still match. Once you know your audience and their needs, what you say needs to reflect this. It should also highlight their pain points and how you can solve them.

A robust lead capture system is a must. Not all of your content should be available – unless a visitor gives you something in return. You can set up offers of valuable content in exchange for their email or other contact information, or even ask more in-depth questions to understand their needs better. You can use this data to follow up with them. This type of system provides not just leads, but qualified leads.

If your website is bringing you qualified leads, but you are not getting business, the website is not the issue. This comes down to having a solid sales conversion system in place.

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