Social Posting in a Pay-to-Play World

Why you still need to post on social media

A business needs to pay-to-play on social media these days to reach a larger audience. A few years ago, this was not the case. Gone are the days of simply posting on social media and achieving your business goals.

Now, to reach your audience you need to pay, whether that is with ads, creating downloads or reports, or making professional videos – there is a cost. Does this mean you can stop posting? No, and if you do it will actually hurt your social media presence.

Social Posting in a Pay-to-Play World

Why you need posts

If you are running ads, you may be tempted to stop posting as much on social media. After all, the ads are driving business. However, people will look at your social profile to verify you. Also, if you do not post, this will raise the cost of your ads. What can you do to make your posts go farther? Set aside part of your ad spend budget to promote key posts. This will complement your ads nicely.

How to make it easier

Plan it out. Batch it out. If you try to post on the fly for every post, chances are you will be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of posting that is required, and worse, your brand will have no consistency.

Look at the entire calendar year. See what activities you have each quarter. Create themes by month, and topics by the week. This makes it significantly easier to create the content. Gather together images, videos and other content all in one place, and create posts in batches to save time.

What to post

What you post depends on your brand, and which social media you choose. Videos, lifestyle images, curated content, news, blog posts, quotes, stories, company news are useful. Why are you doing it? To convey your story to customers, share with them, and ultimately move them along the path to become paying and loyal customers.

Tools to use

Scheduling your posts will help save a lot of time, too. Whether you do it once a week, or once a month, tools will help. Hootsuite, Buffer, PostPlanner, or the native Facebook scheduler are all good options.

In this pay-to-play world, you can still get traction with posts, especially when you strategically put ad money behind those posts.

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Tip of the Week: Create an ad spend strategy to increase the reach of posts on social media.

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