How to Use Social Media to Market your Business

The difference between social media and social media marketing

Many small businesses are using social media for marketing purposes. But are you doing it right?

There is a crucial difference between social media and social media marketing. Here we’ll look at the differences.

How to Use Social Media to Market your Business - Social Media Marketing - 760 Marketing

Social media

The term social media is used to describe a platform that allows a two-way exchange of information. Popular social media include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

It relies on the ability to publish and subscribe to one another’s feeds or streams of information. It is essentially a publishing platform. It allows two-way conversation.

Social media for business

A business can use social media to establish a presence online, and connect with customers and potential customers.

As a business, you can publish content to fans, subscribe and follow their content, and hold a conversation between the brand and customers.

From there, you can gain valuable customer and competitor insights, build an audience and brand awareness, drive website traffic and leads, and target ads to customers.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing uses social media platforms as a marketing tactic.

Marketing is the activity of delivering an offer to a target audience. It requires the customer to move through 3 stages of the buying cycle, effectively changing their behavior.

Social media marketing is the promotion of a product or service on a social media platform. This can be done for free, or by paid means.

The free way is done by building up your following and fan base, connecting with interested parties by sharing useful content, and engaging with your audience. The free way is a good place to start for small sized businesses.

The paid way is done through paid advertising. This can be done via Facebook ads, Google Adwords, Twitter ads, or YouTube ads. To truly grow your business and use social media more effectively as a marketing tool, paid ads are the way to go, and the next step.

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Tip of the Week: Understand the difference between social media and social media marketing to effectively market your business.

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