How to use 1 Piece of Social Media Content 9 Ways

Get the most out of content on social media

Creating content for social media can take a huge amount of time and it can be hard to track the results. There are ways to do this more efficiently to give you more time to focus on building and running your business. Here is how to use one piece of content in nine ways.

How to use 1 Piece of Content 9 Ways

Let’s take a one minute video as our content example. What can you do with a short one minute of video? All the things!

1. Instagram Stories

Cut the video into 15 second segments, and share all four on Instagram Stories.

2. YouTube

Share the full video on YouTube and make sure you include good searchable terms in the video title and in the description too. You can even include a link to your blog.

3. Blog

Use the video for a video blog post, and also transcribe it to make it easy to read for those who do not want to listen.

4. Facebook

Share the blog post on Facebook, along with a one-liner description of what they can expect when they click the link. An alternative is to upload the video directly, and share that on Facebook, or do both!

5. LinkedIn

If the video is the right type of content for business focused LinkedIn, share the link to the blog here too.

6. Twitter

You can share it on Twitter too.

7. Pinterest

You can share it on Pinterest too. Create a graphic and link back to your blog.

8. Email

Sent an email to your list with the main points highlighted, video embedded, and link to your transcribed blog post.

9. Ads

Create an ad using a direct upload or the post you created, and run ads for it on Facebook and Instagram to capture an interested audience.

There are many ways you an repurpose content.

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Tip of the Week: Use one piece of content in a variety of formats across social media and marketing channels.

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