How to Choose a Social Media Handle for your Brand

Standing out in a crowded marketplace

With so many new brands of products and services popping up, an important part of setting everything up correctly is choosing the best social media handle. There are already a lot of people out there doing this, and so the marketplace can be crowded, meaning your first option might not be available. Here is how to choose a social media handle for your brand.

How to Choose a Social Media Handle for your Brand

What is a social media handle and why it’s important

A handle is another word for username on social media. A handle’s primary purpose is to make it easy for someone to find you across all social sites and connect with your brand. It is important to be consistent and have the same handle across the different social media channels. It is a short name or phrase that is easy to type. It can vary in length depending on which social channels you are using. To work on Instagram and Twitter, it needs to be 15 characters or shorter in length.

The handle is only the short name to your social brand. On most social sites, you can have your full brand name, plus a description of who you are and what you do, too. The handle can be used on marketing materials too, in a simple format, for example: @handlename

How to choose a social media handle

With more and more people and businesses on social media, it can be challenging to find a handle that works across all the different social media sites. Keeping it consistent will give brand consistency across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and other channels.

Start out by searching for your brand name on all the different social media channels. Even if you only want to use Facebook and Instagram, it is a good idea to claim your name on the other social sites. You may choose to expand in the future, or simply keep others from using your brand name on those other sites. If your name is unique, you may be lucky and be able to use your brand name. More often than not, you will need to come up with a combination of your name and other words to create your handle.

Next, brainstorm brand related words that describe what you do, or that complement your name, or that identify your location. Make sure none of these are longer than 15 characters in length if you are going to use Instagram or Twitter. You may want to do searches to find out how others are identifying themselves, for inspiration.

Once you have a list of options, start with one social media channel, such as Instagram, and search for that name. If it is taken, search for the next. Once you find a social media handle that is free, check it on the other social sites too. Keep going through your list until you have a selection of options. Once you have a shortlist, choose the one that works best for your brand. Make sure to sign up for them immediately so you do not lose the chance to claim them.

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Tip of the Week: Select a consistent social media handle across all social media so people can find you easily.

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