5 Social Media Templates for your Brand

Save yourself time and share your message more

Social media content can take up a lot of time to plan, come up with creative ideas and to actually make the posts themselves. Templates can provide an easy way to structure your posts, include all aspects of your brand, and save you time, too.

5 Social Media Templates for your Brand

Templates can save you a lot of time when it comes to creating social content. These can be visual templates or content templates.

1. Brand Photography

Whether you offer products or services, at some point you will have photos taken for use on social media. Staged photos or branded photos can be used as posts to showcase your overall brand. These could be grouped product shots, team or action photos, or capturing you or your team on the job.

2. Brand Elements

What does your brand evoke? You can use more obscure images or even stock images here to expand what you have to post. You can use photo or graphical representations of what your brand is about, and share the story along with these posts. These can be aspirational, nature or urban images, or other photos that capture the essence behind your brand.

3. Product/Service

Product shots and those of performing the service are great to share on social media. These can be your professional white-background product shots or photos of the service you provide. These are different than brand photography in that they focus solely on the item itself.

4. Lifestyle Images

How do people use your product or service in real life? Share these kind of photos too. They can be staged, or they can be reposted from your actual customers – so long as you credit them in the post. These photos show how people can truly use your product or service and shows them how it could be part of their life.

5. Call to Action

Part of the reason to be on social media is to get your audience to DO something, to take action, to engage with you and ultimately buy from you. You can create a branded template to use as a Call To Action when you want your fans and followers to do something specific. These could have a call out or other graphical element to highlight what the person should do.

There are many other types of repeatable content you can create. Plan it out, and you could save yourself tons of time while sharing your story more consistently and with more depth.

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Tip of the Week: Plan and create templates for your social media posts to save time.

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