The True Value of Long-Tail Blog Posts

How to drive more traffic with blogs

Blogs have been part of good Search Engine Optimization strategies for years now. They are still pulling their marketing weight, too. The trick these days is to focus on a niche within a niche, or what is called long-tail keywords, to truly make an impact in driving more search traffic to your website.

The True Value of Long-tail Blog Posts

Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are phrases that people search for online which are made up of three or more words. The idea behind these is that while there are fewer people searching for something so specific, most people are not targeting them. This means there is little to no competition for reaching people who type in that specific string of words. You will gain traffic that is otherwise not directed anywhere else.

Blogging with long-tail keywords

The first step is to understand your audience and where they are at in their buying decision. They may be not be aware of you and what you offer, they may already know their problem and need a solution, or they may have identified the solution and are looking to purchase. Select one to focus on.

Choose a topic, and do some keyword research on what people are actually looking for online. Select those which are getting some traffic but are not highly competitive. Now, craft your blog article around those terms.

The impact of semantic search

Semantic search is the term given to how search engines understand the context of written online language. Instead of writing for a single keyword, or even a long-tail keyword phrase, online content is understood by how the whole piece makes sense together. That means you need to use more related words sprinkled in the rest of the blog post. It is a far more contextual, natural way of communicating. One great way to do this, is to answer questions with our blog posts.

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Tip of the Week: Use long-tail keywords to drive more organic search traffic to your blog and website.

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