5 Tools to Boost Local SEO

Get people to find your business more easily

People need to be able to find you online. If you want local people to find you, improving your local search engine optimization (SEO) will allow you to be found by people in your immediate area. Here are five tools to improve local SEO for your business.

5 Tools to Boost Local SEO

1. Moz Local

Moz offers a range of SEO services. One of the best, is the ability to check how you rank for local SEO, for free! You can see which listings need improvement, have inconsistencies, or have incorrect or incomplete information on your business. They offer an inexpensive dashboard to manage the majority of the listings, excluding the major sites which need to be updated manually from within those accounts.

Go to this resource: moz.com/local/search


2. Google My Business

This is your listing on Google and it is how you appear in local search and on Google Maps. It is absolutely essential you have this set up – AND kept up to date. After setting it up, update your listing at least every three months.

Go to this resource: google.com/business


3. SEMrush

SEMrush is a great service to find out what your competition is doing. You can perform one search free, and then pay to view expanded content. It is great for learning how your competition is doing with organic search, paid ads, social media and their backlinks. Once you know what they are doing, you can effectively compete with them and position yourself to perform better.

Go to this resource: semrush.com


4. Google Search Console

Use this tool to check for errors, as errors impact SEO on all levels. You can connect the search console to Google Analytics for even more in depth insights.

Go to this resource: google.com/webmasters/tools


5. Local SEO Checklist

If you really want to improve your local SEO, there are many more steps you can take. Local SEO Checklist offers a checklist you can access online or download, and perform 30+ steps to improve it.

Go to this resource: localseochecklist.org


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Tip of the Week: Improve your local SEO so more people in your local area can find your business.

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