Landing Pages Get More Sales

What’s a landing page and why you need one

A landing page, or squeeze page, is a single webpage with one marketing goal. It can dramatically increase the chances of a client or customer signing up, providing their information, or performing another marketing action that you want them to do.

Landing pages get conversions. More conversions mean more sales. This is why they are so crucial for sales. And who wants more sales? Every business!

Landing Pages Get More Sales

What is a landing page

A landing page is a web page designed for a specific purpose. This purpose is either to get a visitor to click through to another page, or to capture their contact information.

A landing page is any page that a visitor lands on after clicking on a marketing call to action.

For a lead capture landing page, it typically does not have the navigation menu which focuses visitors on one thing – your goal and what you want them to do.

What information to include on a landing page

  • Headline: make this very clear and easy to understand
  • Sub-headline: this can provide a little more information about the headline – this is optional
  • Description: describe what is being offered in very clearly. Keep it short.
  • Images and video: include at least one relevant image, or even a short video. Video performs best
  • Call-to-action: the most important part! This can be a form that captures contact information, or a button to direct visitors to the next stage

Other useful things to include

  • Testimonials
  • Logos of previous customers or clients
  • Trust symbols such as security badges, associations you belong to, or other business organizations such as BBB

How to you make landing pages work for your business

  • Direct people to landing pages from online ads
  • Capture their information
  • Follow up with them RIGHT AWAY – this is one area that really makes or breaks it
  • Test your landing page with different variations to see what performs best
  • Expect a 2-20% conversion rate, depending on your industry. It may be lower at first, and that’s normal. It will increase as you test and improve the landing page.

Ready to set up a landing page? Try these tools here. Need some help setting this up? We can help!

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Tip of the Week: Use landing pages to direct more customers or clients to get more sales.

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