How to Map a Sales Funnel

Steps to get a sales funnel that converts

A sales funnel allows you to target, capture and lead customers through a series of steps to buy from you. It is one of the most direct ways to get people to buy from you online. Each sales funnel has several distinct steps. Here is how to map out your sales funnel.

How to Map a Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is a series of steps. It is shaped like a cone where the top level is the biggest and represents the largest number of people who are potential customers. It funnels down to smaller levels to the most narrow which are committed customers ready to buy, possibly repeatedly.

Offer a solution

People who have a problem want to solve it. Problems are pain points. The very first thing you need is a solution. You can provide this as an offer. This can take the form of a download, a sign up, a webinar, or any other type of lead magnet that will attract your target audience to want to know more.

Target and drive your people there

You will need a way to let people know that you can help solve their problem. You can do this by running ads, creating a community, sending emails, or any other way to communicate with your audience.

Where to take them

Landing pages are typically where you send people after you let them know you can solve their problem. They are also known as squeeze pages, landers, or opt-in pages. It is here that you can create a compelling offer so that they sign up.

Test, test, test

Once everything is up and running, the real work begins! Testing is how you will determine what resonates most, what works best and how to make the most of your funnel. You want to optimize for conversions.

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Tip of the Week: Map out your sales funnel, create it, and optimize it repeatedly.

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