5 Steps of a Lead Generation Sales Funnel


How to convert customers online

There are many ways to generate leads for business and doing that online is one of the easiest ways to track ROI and is the least expensive. In order to actually generate leads, there are 5 key elements to include in a lead generation sales funnel.

5 Steps of a Lead Generation Sales Funnel

1. Traffic source

People need to know about what you are offering, and have a pathway to get to the offer. Paid ads are one of the most reliable ways to generate traffic. This can be done on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and other platforms.

2. Landing page

Your landing page is where people go to and where they see the offer in full detail. It is different from a website or webpage because it focuses on one thing, the offer, and only that item. It also does not provide anywhere else for the visitor to go, except to input their details. A landing page has its own set of key elements.

3. Lead capture

Once someone visits your landing page, you want to collect their data so you can follow up with them. Lead capture can be a simple as offering a free lead magnet download in exchange for their contact details, or require them to book a time to speak.

4. Sales follow up

This is an absolute must, and it needs to happen quickly.  The rule of thumb is that follow up needs to happen within the first hour or the lead will go cold. Automating this step is a good idea, as well as having a responsive person or team to follow up directly.

5. Email sequence

An email sequence can increase conversions without much effort at all. This will be a sequence of emails, aimed to convert the lead to take an action. This happens over several emails, over several days or weeks. These can also be used to warm up past leads.

There are many things to consider in creating a lead generation sales funnel. There are other items you can add to your funnel too, including a tripwire, one time offer, lead magnet , chatbot, SMS follow up and more. It really depends on what works best for your business and your audience.

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