Zapier: the Great Marketing Automation Tool

How to automate your business

Marketing takes time and, as a business owner, that’s in short supply. There are many tools out there to help save you time, and Zapier is one of the greatest. It takes repetitive tasks and automates them.

What is this magical thing and what can you do with it? Here’s exactly that.

Zapier: the Great Marketing Automation Tool

Zapier is an online tool that connects apps and programs together. For example, it can automatically save new MailChimp subscribers to a Google Spreadsheet. All you need to do is select which apps you want to connect, for instance MailChimp and Gmail, and set up a series of steps. This automates repetitive tasks.

Zapier allows users to create ‘Zaps’ between two or more apps. These are workflows which connect the apps, and get them to work together. You start with a trigger event, and that starts the workflow. For example, if you publish a blog, you can grow your audience by sharing your new blog posts on LinkedIn. All it takes is setting up the Zap one time. Instead of publishing the blog, copying the link, opening LinkedIn, pasting the link and sharing it, you can have Zapier automatically do this for you, saving both time and effort.

Examples of automations

  • Send new Wufoo data form entries to HubSpot CRM to create or update leads and contacts
  • Subscribe new Facebook Lead Ad leads to a MailChimp list or send to an internal team group email list
  • Automate social media by sending new RSS items as posts to Facebook
  • Copy new Trello cards into Evernote and keep your projects organized
  • Add Typeform survey respondents to a MailChimp mailing list and keep in contact and nurture them as a lead
  • Notify a channel in Slack of an upcoming Google Calendar event so your team knows about the meeting

And SO many more!

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Tip of the Week: Use Zapier to automate repetitive tasks to save time for more high-value work.

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