How to Use Video in Facebook Ads

Why you need to use video in ads

Video is a great tool to capture the attention of potential customers or clients. You can tell a story about your business in only a few seconds. If a picture paints a thousand words, a video shows 10,000 words.

Videos are an inexpensive way to capture an interested audience using Facebook ads. You can capture those who watch the video, to follow up with a retargeting ad later. This greatly improves the engagement and conversion rate.

How to Use Video in Facebook Ads

What to do beforehand:

  • Create you video
  • Write out the subtitles before
  • Choose a thumbnail image to use when the video is not playing

Suggested specifications for video on Facebook:

  • Format: .mov, .mp4 or .gif
  • Resolution: at least 720p
  • File size: 2.3 GB max.
  • Recommended aspect ratio: widescreen (16:9)
  • Facebook: 60 minutes max – but the shorter the better. Less than a minute for a cold audience is preferable. Over a minute for a warmer audience who knows you is good practice.
  • In-stream: 5-15 seconds
  • Instagram feed: 60 seconds max


How to add it to Facebook

  • In Ads Manager, choose ‘Video Views’ under the Consideration marketing objective.
  • Select your audience, placements and budgets as you do for other ad types.
  • Upload your video.
  • Add your subtitles and adjust the timing of when they appear.
  • Select your thumbnail.
  • Decide if you want any written copy as part of the video ad.
  • Press Confirm, you are ready to go!

Next steps: create a custom audience to capture those people who view the video for more than 10 seconds, or even 50% of the video. You can use this audience to retarget these people later.

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Tip of the Week: Use video in Facebook ads to inexpensively reach your audience and capture a more targeted audience.


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