How to Research Hashtags for Business

Increase audience reach with hashtags

Hashtags are among the quickest and easiest ways to market your business beyond your current following. As a business, they connect you to new groups of interested people.

A hashtag is a keyword or phrase that uses the number or pound sign: #. They are strung together all in one, like this: #hashtagexample. You can use hashtags to join a conversation around a topic or create a branded community.

How to Research Hashtags for Business

Ways to use hashtags

  • Find a specific audience: a simple way to find and reach niche audiences
  • Ride a trend: quickly connect your brand to new customers; use hashtags to discover trending cultural movements
  • Track results: monitor hashtags across social media channels; hashtags boost engagement and simplify reporting.

How to find hashtags for business

  • Find out what hashtags influencers are using by looking at their profile, or using one of many online tools
  • Find trending hashtags in your niche. Part of your social media strategy should be identifying what topics are trending in your industry. Try the tool
  • Find relevant cross-platform hashtags that remain the same across different social media platforms
  • Drill down to find more specific hashtags. Find new, more specific hashtags by researching with a simple Google search, using online tools, looking at influencers, or make up your own
  • Use Twitter’s tailored trends. This gives you a list of hashtags relevant to your location and also a list of hashtags used by your following. This can be useful to keep an eye on topics that may interest your audience.

Marketing strategies for hashtags

A business can use hashtags in different ways, and here are a few strategies.

  • Brand hashtags: these are personal to your brand to build a community or following
  • Trending hashtags: these are used to engage in conversations or piggyback off trending hashtags. If you see one specific to your niche, join in
  • Content hashtags: simple, broad hashtags that can be used for a variety of reasons in a variety of ways.

Researching and utilizing hashtags takes some time upfront, but is well worth the effort. It pays off to reach a new and expanded audience who is interested in what your business is offering. For help working out your business hashtags, we have a great Guide & Worksheet: Personalized Business Hashtags, available for purchase here.

Once you have identified your business hashtags, test them out, see how they perform. Every so often, run through the research steps again to find new hashtags you can use.

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Tip of the Week: Research hashtags to find the best ones for your business.

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