How a Marketing Funnel can Generate Sales

Get more leads by using a marketing funnel

You may have heard of a sales funnel, or marketing funnel. A marketing funnel is a way to turn leads into customers. You nurture potential customers through steps towards making a purchase.

Your funnel is made of several stages, and you narrow down the customers at each stage. A marketing funnel is a visualization to convert potential customers to paying ones.

How a Marketing Funnel can Generate Sales

The funnel stages

A typical marketing funnel is widest at the top, and narrows down. Potential customers move through six stages of awareness, interest, consideration, intent, evaluation, and then purchase.

Types of marketing for each stage

Different types of marketing content are needed for the different funnel stages. For each stage, the marketing is set up to move potential customers through the funnel.

For an overview of different types of content, look at how to get your customers to buy from you.

Use in social media marketing

In social media marketing, a marketing funnel can be used to get potential customers to act. This can be anything from becoming a page fan or follower, to giving you their email address, or buying a product from you.

The difference B2C and B2B marketing funnels

For Business to Consumer (B2C), most people move through the funnel on their own, or with a small group of friends or family. Usually, the customer doesn’t interact with sales team, or at least not until later in the process.

For Business to Business (B2B), it usually involves a larger buying group. They usually interact with the sales team sooner rather than later.

A marketing funnel is a powerful tool to drive sales.

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Tip of the Week: Use a marketing funnel to turn potential customers into buying ones.

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