Facebook Ad Types Demystified

Use the right ad type for your business

Are you thinking about using Facebook ads for your business? Maybe you have even tried them. It’s complicated to know what type of ad to use, and what will work best for you.

Here are the different Facebook ad types, and how to use them for your business.

Facebook Ad Types Demystified

Types of Facebook ads and when to use them:

Single image – one single image, with a headline, call to action button, and copy. These are the most used, and work well. A great way to start with Facebook ads, and for ongoing marketing.

Carousel – a series of 3-5 images or videos that tell a story about your products or services. The viewer scrolls through them from left to right. Use these to catch the eye, and to share more about your business.

Messenger – these are new. Facebook has started to allow businesses to create ads in the Messenger app. These go to people who like your page and have previously messaged your business. The copy should be more casual. These can be used to promote a special sale or deal.

Video – using video as the main content of your ad. Video is great for capturing attention, and a cost-effective way to advertise on Facebook, though the startup price to create the video is higher. For new audiences, keep the video short. For retargeting, use longer videos.

Slideshow – a series of up to 10 images that will cycle automatically. Great to use if you don’t have the budget for video.

Canvas – an interactive, all in one ad, similar to a dynamic banner ad. These are immersive ads that are contained within Facebook. You can have multiple images, videos, calls to action, buttons, and text. Great to use if you don’t have a website that will display the same (or all) information in an attractive format.

Lead – can be used with any ad type. Use these to collect leads (email addresses or phone numbers) when you don’t have a landing page and full lead capture sales funnel set up.

Dynamic product – These are pulled directly from your product catalogue using the last visited product by the customer. You only need to edit the copy. Great to use for retargeting when a person left items in the shopping cart but did not purchase them.

There are lots of options! Choosing the right type of ad comes down to your business, your business goals, and what you want your customer to do after viewing the ad.

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Tip of the Week: Choose the right Facebook ad type for your business goals.

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