Facebook Ad Budget For Fast Results

How to set up a Facebook ad budget to test

In Facebook ads, business owners want results. The best way to do that is to fail fast. While that may seem counter intuitive, you want to get through the testing phase fast, to get to real results.

That means having enough room in your ad budget to test, and fail fast, to get to the good results. Here is how to set your budget to test, fail fast, and deliver results fast.

Facebook Ad Budget For Fast Results

Facebook ad budget needed for the testing phase

You will need at least $10 a day budget for each ad set, and ideally that for each ad itself.

The aim is to first get 500 impressions which will give you a relevance score, and then a reach of 8,000 which is when Facebook has automatically fully optimized an ad with its algorithm.

Once you set your budget, test and test fast. Here is how to test your Facebook ads.


The image or visual is what captures people’s attention first. It makes sense to test this first.

Test three images at a time. Swap in new images after ruling out those that did not perform best. Test as many as you like.

Ad copy

Once you have your images finalized, test the copy you use. After images, the headline is what people see next. Then the body copy. Test different headlines, call to actions, and ad body copy – in that order.

Landing pages

If your ads direct people to landing pages, you can test these too. To improve conversion rates on your landing page, test different elements on the page itself. Start with big items such as the headline, call to action, sign up button, lead capture, image, and the order of the information on the page.

Types of ads

Once you have good ads working, test out another type of ad. If you are running an image ad, try a video ad next. If you are running a traffic ad, try a conversion ad next. Compare the results.

For each of these, you will need enough budget to get statistically significant data.

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Tip of the Week: Set your Facebook ad budget to allow for testing to get good results faster.

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