Create a Custom Graphic In Canva

How to make a custom image for social media

Coming up with new content and images for social media takes time. A great way to save time, is to create multiple images at one time.

One online tool that is a great resource for creating custom and branded images is Canva. You can create all kinds of different marketing graphics, including for social media. Here, we’ll talk about how to create a custom image to use on your business social media accounts.

Create a Custom Graphic In Canva

Canva is a free online tool to create graphics/images in many formats. While many elements of Canva are free, if you need a little more design help, you can purchase photos, designs and other elements starting at one dollar.

You can use Canva in your web browser or an app. There are preset layouts with dimensions set for Facebook, Twitter, email headers, and more, and you can also select your own custom dimensions.

Canva has many pre-designed templates or you can design your own from scratch. You can upload images or use their library of stock images and graphics, some of which have a fee. You can easily edit images, add filters, text, layers and move everything around very easily. There are over 130 font options. Plus, there is a library of colored backgrounds or you can use custom colors that match your business branding.

How to create a custom image in Canva:

  • Choose preset layout or custom dimensions
  • Start with a blank canvas or choose one they have
  • Pick a background, or edit what is already there. Canva has colored and patterned backgrounds, and you can also add your custom HEX code for your own color
  • You could also upload an image of your own or choose one of theirs
  • You can upload any photo from Google or another search engine. Make sure the image is licensed for commercial use, by using images from sites such as these 7 Tools for Free Images for Social Media
  • Once your image is chosen, drag to the canvas and adjust the dimensions
  • You can decrease the transparency of the image
  • You can add a layer over it, for text or to add transparency, by going into elements and adding a square, adjusting the square to the dimensions, adding transparency, and changing the color, which is a really nice touch at times
  • You can add text as well. You can add the layer before the text (recommended) or add the text directly to the background
  • Choose which font you would like
  • Size everything to your liking
  • Add your logo to make it a branded image

Once you have finished creating your image, you can save it as a template to use in the future (great for repetitive content), or for single use. When you download the image, you can choose the type of file you would like it to be depending on how you need to use it.

Designs can be shared directly to social media, sent via email, or downloaded to your computer.

Canva can really enhance your social media posting, or even other marketing materials. You can use it to create multiple images at one time, and then schedule them for the week or month. It is a great beginner tool to create graphics, and the pro plan is relatively inexpensive too.

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Tip of the Week: Use Canva to create custom graphics to use on social media.

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