Content Needed for a Powerful Website

What to create and collect to build a business website

Creating or updating a business website can be daunting. Even when you get a web developer to do the work, you still need to create and collect the information and content that will be featured on the site. Here’s a quick guide to the key items and content you need for a business website.

Content Needed for a Powerful Website

Photos and videos

  • Photos of your products of services
  • Photos of your team
  • Videos of using your products or services which profile them
  • Testimonial videos from current clients or customers
  • Images of your business that can be used as background accents on the website

Written content

  • Benefits and what a customer will get from working or buying from you. Don’t get these confused with features! Features are important too, but benefits and results are the most important reason people buy or work with you. Make sure to feature them prominently.
  • Details on products or services. In addition to the benefits, the features, specifications, and other specific details will provide content and context
  • About us and a story, including information about your team
  • FAQs, frequently asked questions which help your audience and save you time from answering the same questions repeatedly
  • Blog for niche topics and Search Engine Optimization purposes

Supporting information

  • Contact information
  • Social media links
  • Any licensing information that is needed
  • Affiliated associations
  • Trust symbols

Gathering this information together, and creating it when it doesn’t exist, can take a lot of time. It requires thought about your business, how you want to portray it, and how best to share what you do and why. Start early, take the time, and then you will be ready to develop the website.

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Tip of the Week: Create and collect the information you need for a business website content over time to be ready to build it out.

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