7 Reasons Why You Need a Small Business Website

Get a small business website to get found online

A website is the cornerstone of your online presence. Visually it should reflect your business and brand, and work to bring you customers.

A small business website doesn’t need to have all the bells and whistles. Just make sure you have one that is up-to-date and professional. If you have one, make sure you are using it to the max.

Customers have expectations and needs. Your website can help with that, and your business will benefit as a result.

760 Marketing 7 Reasons Why You Need a Small Business Website

1. An expectation

Customers expect you to have a website, and they are searching for you. Your competition is there, you better be too.

2. Credibility

As a professional business, of course you have a business phone number. This has been standard for years and years. Today, having a website is the equivalent of having a phone number.

3. Marketing tool

A website is a 24/7 marketing tool. You might not be open all hours, but your customers could be looking for you anytime, day or night. Up-to-date information, contact details, hours, location and what you offer is all part of it.

4. All yours

Your small business website is the hub of your online activity, you control it and can create your brand any way you want. You are the only one who can change it, unlike social media. Plus, your website connects you to all the other places you can be found on the internet. Does your website reflect your business and brand?

5. Connection to customers

It is a tool to connect with customers – both new, and current. Make sure to have some way to capture their information: to get an email newsletter, to ask a question, or to get something of value for free.

6. Customer questions

It answers customer questions, saving you time answering questions in person, on the phone and by email. Make sure you have a Frequently Asked Questions page.

7. New, mobile world

How customers are searching is changing. More than 50% of searches are made on a mobile device. Customers look for you on maps to get directions. They trust the word of strangers in reviews. It’s a new, mobile world. Make sure your website is mobile friendly and optimized. Plus, make sure you can be found on other places on the web.

By creating a website you stop being invisible to the people trying to find you online. Help people find you!

A lot of people think it takes a LOT of work to first build a website, then update it, and keep on top of it. There are many tools out there to make it easier to create one yourself if you are tech savvy. Or you can get a professional to build it – either way, it’s well worth the time and money investment.

Tip of the week: Help people find you online. Get a website, and get your business visible where people are looking for you.

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