3 Types of Automated Email Sequences

Drive business with these email series

Email is an effective marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. With the introduction of automation, email series can pack a strong marketing punch without having to create new content constantly.

A series of emails can be automated to walk a customer through a series of steps, ultimately to get them to purchase. Here are three types of email series that will improve your email marketing, strengthen your connection with customers, and grow your business.

3 Types of Automated Email Sequences

Welcome email series

Most businesses will send a welcome email when someone signs up and is added to a list. There is no need to keep it to one email alone. A series of emails can introduce your business, your products, your personal story, and make a lasting impression, securing loyalty early on.

To create a welcome series, identify what you would like to tell customers about you, your business and your offer. Don’t use it to sell directly, rather provide value. This series should be very engaging. It can be a series of three emails, or even eight or more. So long as it carries from one email to the next and is engaging, people will keep reading.

Triggered Email Series

These types of emails start, or are triggered, when a specific action is taken by the customer. There are so many triggers to choose from, these emails should be an absolute given. Examples include: downloading an offer, taking an action in another email series but not the next, and being recently and highly engaged, or even lacking engagement.

The specific automations that can be used include:  opened email / did not open email, clicked link / did not click link, purchased / did not purchase, or even date based for birthdays and similar events.

Re-engagement Campaign

A re-engagement campaign can be beneficial if you have not connected with your list in some time, or the list is older, or your click through rate is not as high as you want. It can reconnect with past subscribers, help clean out bad data or increase engagement.

The purpose of a re-engagement campaign is to find out who is still relevant and interested in your business, and who is not. For those who are still interested, a series of emails can build back that relationship. After reactivating people on your list, you can start a marketing series of emails to get them closer to a purchase.

There are many more email series that can be incorporated into the marketing mix; these three are absolute must haves for marketing your business.

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Tip of the Week: Create automated email series to engage, retain and sell to customers.

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