3 Must Have Facebook Ad Types

Boost your Facebook ad performance with these 3 ad types

A mix of Facebook ad types can help you get the most out of Facebook advertising. Facebook ads remain a mystery to many business owners. In January and July, I presented at the Chamber to demystify Facebook advertising for business.

On February 15th, and August 25 we have a 4-hour workshop to get business owners fully setup with Facebook advertising. It includes one-on-one hands on help. This is both a time saver, and money saver. If nothing else, it gives you a very solid groundwork to direct a hired ads manager or agency.

Some of what we’ll cover includes the best type of ads for Facebook advertising.

3 Must Have Facebook Ad Types

Must have Facebook ad types

How you target your audience on Facebook is very important. The Facebook ad types you choose can also have a big impact.


1. Audience growth

These are ads that build up your audience, so you can target them more directly, later on. You can do this by creating a custom audience. This can be used to increase the group of people who are both interested and engaged in your business on Facebook.

With this, you get a group of people you can retarget with advertising. The cost of these ads will be lower, because you are targeting a smaller group that has already shown interest.


2. Carousel of services or products

Carousel ads allow you to post up to 10 images in a single ad. When someone sees your ad, they can scroll to the right to view more of your images, like a carousel.

These kind of ads let you tell a story. You get far more real estate space on the ad because it allows a person to scroll through your images. Each image is different, and each image can have its own headline and short description. This allows you to tell a story and explain your products or services.


3. Video

A video ad is a video clip which also includes a headline, Call to Action button, and a text area to write a longer message like you do for a post.

Video gets the most attention from your customers. That leads to more engagement and trust, and more conversions and sales.

People like watching video. Adding subtitles to your videos gets more engagement as people watch for longer.

Video communicates a power packed message in just a few seconds. If a picture paints a thousand words, a video shows 10,000 words. All that in less than a minute. Pretty powerful.


Want to learn more? Join me on February 15th or August 25th from 8am-12pm for the Hands On Facebook Ads for Business Workshop. Get help. Leave with ads ready to run.

Hosted by Oceanside Chamber of Commerce. Spaces limited. Learn more and sign up at: SocialMediaChamber.com

Tip of the Week: Run a mix of Facebook ads to get the most for your money.

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