How to Set Up a Lead Capture Form

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Getting people to contact you is important to grow your business. Creating ways to capture their contact information lets you automate part of the process. You will want to capture a lead’s contact information in a lead capture form. Here’s how to do it.

How to Set Up a Lead Capture Form

Landing pages and lead capture

A landing page is the webpage you direct people to for more information about a specific product or service. The lead capture form is the most crucial part of a landing page. The point of your landing page is to get visitors to complete it. Without the form, lead generation would not be possible.

Impact of format and design on conversion rates

The formatting and design of the form has a direct impact on conversion rates. What information do you need to include? The most important components of lead capture form are:

Positioning: Make sure the lead capture form is above the fold, meaning it is visible when they first arrive on your landing page. Make sure the user does not have to scroll to see form; immediate visibility is important.

Length: How long should it be? A shorter lead form will make users more inclined to fill it out and, in turn, you will generate more leads. If the form is too long, users may stop and ask if it is really worth their time filling out the form.

Fields: What information do you need to collect? You need to ask for enough information to add them to your sales funnel. Name and email are enough to do so. You can ask for more information later if needed. You can ask for their phone number, but be aware that this will be met with higher resistance, and result in fewer leads.

Submission Button: Studies show that landing pages with “submit” have lower conversion rates than “click here” or “go” or phrases such as “Yes, I want this now” or “Yes, send this to me”. You will need a submission button to confirm the sign up, but test out words other than submit.

Tools to create your lead capture form

There are many free and paid lead capture forms out there. Online form creators allow you to easily build custom forms for your business. Here are some of the biggest names.


Wufoo is an HTML form builder for you to create online web forms. You can create multi-page forms, contact forms, online surveys, and event registrations. It is one of the better integrations with WordPress.

JotForm: Online Form Builder & Form Creator

This is an online form builder and creator with some advanced features. It can be used to create forms to generate leads, distribute surveys, and even collect online payments. Plus, it has conditional formatting that allows you to create unique calculator type quizzes.

Google Forms

Create and analyze surveys and customize them with your own photo or logo, choose your own branding colors, or use one of their themes. This is free to use.

Native sign up forms in email capture tools

Many email campaign systems have built in form builders which can help, and they automatically integrate with the email platform.

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Tip of the Week: Create lead capture forms that convert on your landing pages.

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