Marketing Metrics to Track your Success

Monitor marketing efforts with these key metrics

Knowing when marketing is successful comes down to the metrics you track. Track the wrong ones, and you will not have a true understanding of whether your marketing is effective or not. Track the right ones, and you can optimize them for even more success.

Marketing Metrics to Track your Success

Ad spend and success metrics

Online paid advertising is one of the most direct ways to measure marketing’s success. These can be Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Bing ads, or other online ad platforms. Metrics to measure include: leads or conversions, purchases, click through rate, clicks, and conversion cost.

Website traffic

Using Google Analytics or another website visitor tracking tool reveals who is on your site, what they do, and what they buy. Metrics to monitor include: bounce rate, traffic sources, conversions, exit pages and goals.

Landing page conversions

Your landing pages are where lead capture happens. Key metrics to monitor are views, bounce rate, average time on page, form abandon rate, and lead-to-customer conversion rate. Based on these, you can optimize to improve the statistics.

Social media

A business is on social media not for the fun of it, but to nurture clients or customers and build the business. Key metrics to look at include reach and potential reach, link clicks, click through rate, and leads.

Email marketing

Many people focus on open rate in email marketing. A stronger indicator of purchasing behavior is CTR, the click through rate that takes people to the offer, cart, download or other valuable incentive to become a paying client or customer.

Tracking these metrics will give you a true idea of whether your marketing is working, how well, and where it can be improved.

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Tip of the Week: Monitor meaningful marketing metrics to measure success.

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