How to Qualify Buyers Online

Crafting sales funnel offers to get buyers

Generating and getting leads online is great, but how to do you know if they will actually pull out their credit card and buy from you? There are several ways to qualify buyers. Typically, this is done after they are already subscribers from other marketing activities. Here, we discuss different ways to qualify buyers.

How to Qualify Buyers Online

The first sale is the hardest to get. It is helpful to offer something of great value for a low pricepoint, to entice them in, and get them to pull out that card. Here are different ways to do it.

Using Free-plus-Shipping

This is useful when you have a physical product. You offer the product free, and they only pay for shipping. The customer sees great value, and you qualify them because you know they will pay for shipping.

Offering a Trial

A great way to get people to try before they buy, you actually charge a very low fee to get them interested. One dollar is a popular amount.

A Tripwire

This is a small offer that attracts people to your larger offer. It is usually a part of your larger offer. It can be sold for a small fee, such as seven dollars. It works for physical or digital products.

Having a Self-Liquidating Offer (SLO)

These type of offers aim to recoup ad spend with the sale of a SLO offer. They are offered at thirty-seven to ninety-seven dollars.

And, Straight Sales

You can also simply offer a product for a straight sale. It works best when the customer already knows your business, and may require a bit more sales content to sell it online.

With all these ways to qualify buyers, you have lots of options that will fit your target audience and your offer.

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Tip of the Week: Qualify buyers with a low price, high value offer.

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