5 Methods to Qualify Leads Online

Qualify leads before you engage with them further

We all know the pain of dealing with leads who are unqualified to buy from our business. Finding out whether people do qualify if all part of the process. But is there a way to automate some of the qualification process? You bet there is! Here are 5 ways to qualify them.

5 Methods to Qualify Leads Online

1. Quizzes

People love to take quizzes. You only need to look at the popular magazines and the plethora of online quizzes. They are a fantastic way to qualify and segment your audience. You can create them relatively easily with online tools such as Typeform, SurveyMonkey and others.

2. Forms

A fillable form is a great way to ask the exact questions to qualify your leads. These can be as long or a short as you like. Keep in mind, the longer it is, and the more qualified leads you get, the fewer people will go all the way through. It is a fine balance. There are many tools you can use such as, Typeform, Wufoo or Google Forms.

3. Calculators

A calculator plays into the gamification hook that entices people to ‘play’ and find out. Much like quizzes, people love seeing the result they get. These can be used to see if people fall within or outside of your qualification parameters. For instance, if you need people to spend a certain amount of money for your service or product to work for them, this can be a great tool to work that out. Typeform and other options can be used to create calculators.

4. Chatbots

Chatbots are proving to be a phenomenal way to engage with people online. Sequences can be created to qualify people through a series of questions, or remove them from your lead generation funnel. ManyChat and ChatFuel are two of the bigger names in chatbots.

5. Copywriting

In the ad itself, you can say who you are looking to work with by literally calling out those people. You can say ‘Are you a X?’ The ad and the landing page copy can absolutely help to qualify people in and out of your sales funnel. Choose your words well!

These 5 options all work BEFORE you speak with them or communicate in a more time intensive interaction. There are also additional ways to qualify buyers online.

With so many options, and multiple ways to use each one, there is a way to engage with your leads, qualify them, and save yourself time by only taking the qualified ones to the next step.

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Tip of the Week: Qualify your leads with automation before engaging with them on a deeper level.

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