3 Sales Funnel Stages to Get Leads

How to generate leads with a sales funnel

Getting leads can have an enormous impact on a business, both when you are getting leads, and also when you are not. Getting consistent leads can transform a business. Here is how to use the 3 stages of a sale funnel to generate leads for your business.

3 Sales Funnel Stages to Get Leads

Lead generation

For most businesses, you need to generate leads. Leads are potential customers for your product or services. Not all leads are created equal – you have to speak to them based on where they are at in the buying cycle, and you need to qualify them to understand if they are a good fit for your business.

Stage 1: Top of Funnel, Gauge Interest and Conversion

This is the first time most people will hear about your business and offer. There are two approaches here, depending on whether people are ready to act now, or whether they need a bit more information first.

There is a chance to convert some people right out of the gate at this stage. However, the majority of people will need a little more information and follow up. This is a chance to gauge who is actually interested, based on how long they engage, what actions they take, and how they connect with your business.

Stage 2: Middle of Funnel, Consideration and Relationship Building

This is the stage where you can deepen the relationship with prospects. You have already identified that these people are interested based on the top of funnel. At this point, you simply need to provide additional information, testimonials, offers and get people to consider your business.

Stage 3: Bottom of Funnel, Conversion and Purchase

At this stage, people should be ready to take action. What that action is depends on how you structure your sales funnel. For lower price offers, this can be direct. For higher ticket offers, you may need to offer a series of actions and offers. This will move people along a succession of steps to ultimately purchase.

It is important to properly structure your sales funnel for your offer and your audience. It is also important to connect with them at the right time, with the right message.

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Tip of the Week: Use 3 stages of a sales funnel to attract leads based on where they are in the buying cycle.

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