Facebook Ad Campaign Set Up

How to create a Facebook ad

Facebook ads are an increasingly powerful marketing tool. For small and medium sized businesses, Facebook ads allow you to compete with much larger businesses.

Here is how to create a Facebook ad and the different parts to set up. It covers your marketing goal, budget, schedule, and the ads themselves.

Facebook Ad Campaign Set Up

Choose your marketing objective

This is where you choose the goal of your ad campaign. There can be a single goal only, such as video views, lead generation, or conversions. What you choose here can impact the format of the ad you run. For instance, a video view ad will require some type of video, while other goals will not restrict this.

The details: targeting, placement, schedule and budget

Audience targeting is a key part of setting up your ad. Are you trying to reach consumers or businesses? What are their demographics, interests, buying patterns and where are they located? Tap into these and you will get your targeting right.

You can select where your ad will show up, on Facebook, Instagram, or in an Audience Network of related pages. You can even select which ad placements you want your ad to show up in, such as instream video, feeds or exclude these types of placements.

Select your schedule and whether you want to run your ads for a specified time, or ongoing which run continually. You can also restrict what times your ads appear if that is relevant to your business.

Budgets are set as Daily or Lifetime amounts. For ongoing ads, you will want a daily budget. For ads that start and stop during specific dates, you can choose between a lifetime or daily budget. A daily budget is the amount you will spend each day, with a little flexibility up and down on a daily basis. A lifetime budget is the amount in total you will spend over the course of the ad running, and it will not exceed this amount.

The ad itself: copy and visuals

The first thing to do is select your ad format here. Read more on ad formats here.

To create your ad, you will need to consider what you want to say and the text you use. Make sure to include a call to action, link, and be clear what the person viewing the ad should do after seeing the ad. For some ads, you’ll be able to include headlines too, or short snippets above or below the ad visual.

The visual(s) you use will partly depend on the ad format you have chosen. Custom images perform better than stock photography. Make sure the image communications what you want to say and relates to the copy itself.

Keep in mind the order which people read ads, which is image/video, headline, then copy.

You can create multiple ads within each campaign. In fact, it’s a good idea to test multiple version of images, videos, and copy to see what your audience responds to best.

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Tip of the Week: Create Facebook ads with relevant copy and visual, and include a strong call to action.

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