4 Ways to Schedule Facebook Posts

Save time and schedule upcoming posts

Social media requires a consistent and continued investment in time. Posting takes creativity and effort. In 8 Killer Social Media Time Savers there are great tips to save time, which includes scheduling your posts in advance. But how do you actually do that? And what tools are out there to help? Here are four ways to do just that.

4 Ways to Schedule Facebook Posts

How to schedule Facebook posts in Facebook

  • Start creating a post at the top of your page timeline
  • Click the arrow next to publish and select ‘schedule’
  • Below publication, select date and time
  • Click ‘schedule’
  • If you need to reschedule, select the post you want to reschedule, click the arrow next to ‘edit’, select ‘reschedule’ from the dropdown, and select the date and time you want.

Schedule Facebook posts in Hootsuite

  • Click ‘compose message’
  • Type the message, and use the URL shortener if needed
  • Select your Facebook profile in the left hand drop down
  • Click the calendar icon
  • From the calendar, select your date
  • Select the time you want message sent
  • Select ‘schedule’
  • If you need to edit or reschedule, select the publisher icon (paper airplane on left hand side), click the ‘scheduled’ button, and edit the message by just hovering over them and click edit message. This will open a box to edit, make your edit and then save the message.

Schedule Facebook posts in Buffer

  • Open the composer by clicking inside the box that says ‘what do you want to share?’
  • Choose our Facebook account
  • Create your post: add text, images, links, etc
  • There are several options to choose from when you want to send your post: add to queue (default), share next (in the queue), share now, and schedule post. When you choose schedule post ,a calendar will appear, then select the date and time you would like the post to be sent.

Schedule Facebook Posts in Sprout Social

  • Click ‘compose’ at the top to create the post content
  • Click the ‘calendar’ button to select day(s) and time(s) for the scheduled post
  • Click ‘profile picker’ in the compose window and select your Facebook profile
  • Click ‘schedule’ to complete

These steps and programs help forward plan your Facebook posting. Most can also be used for other social media as well. Saving time is always good when it comes to posting on social media. If you need more hours in the day, an hour or two a week scheduling posts can take care of your social media.

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Tip of the Week: Save time by scheduling your Facebook posts.

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