Target your Exact Audience on Facebook

How to create an audience specific ad

You can spend a lot of money simply getting a broad message out to many people, whether or not they are the right people for your business, or a ready to buy. You can get a much better return on your ad spend by targeting very specific people, with a very specific offer, which solves a problem for them. Here is how.

Target your Exact Audience on Facebook

Know your audience persona

People are motivated to act by pain or pleasure. Pain is usually a far stronger impulse to avoid, and it is this reason that most people want to solve a problem, to alleviate pain. This is what you are helping to overcome, with your product or service.

Rather than target everyone, you will get far better results by connecting with a very specific person with a very specific problem that you can solve for them. To do this, start by doing a persona exercise.

Think about an actual person you either want to reach, or a previous customer who has bought from you. Keep this person in mind as you go through the exercise. First, describe who this person is in detail. Next, think about and write down what they want. Then describe their pain, which is why they want what they want! Finally, write down what proof you have that what you offer will help them achieve want they want and alleviate their pain.

Plan aspects of your ads: copy, headline, image

Keeping your audience persona in mind, think about what will resonate with them. The copy and headline come from the persona exercise. Use your proof and results in your headline. Use direct copywriting to get people to take action, using their pain, wants and your solution.

For images, again it’s a question of what will resonate. There a several type of images to test out. You will need something relevant to the offer or ask. You can also try something random, to stop them, disrupt their newsfeed, and capture their attention. This works extremely well with Facebook ads. Third, you will need an authority or personal image which conveys why you or who you are.

Setting up your ads

Doing all this work before going into Facebook Ads Manage will help create targeted ads immensely, and they will perform significantly better. Using all the information you have pulled together will flow into who to target on Facebook. You don’t need to target everyone, but only those who you are trying to connect with.

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Tip of the Week: Create targeted Facebook ads crafted for individual audience personas for better performing ads.

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