How to Reduce Facebook Ad Spend

Optimize to lower the price of Facebook ads

There is no question that Facebook ads are one of the least expensive means to advertise. However, sometimes the prices run higher than you want. There are ways to optimize ads to lower the price. Here we talk about strategies and tactics to reduce Facebook ad spend.

How to Reduce Facebook Ad Spend


Your targeting can raise or lower the price of your ads. What makes a difference? Some audiences are simply more expense to target, for instance higher income brackets or owners of luxury cars. However, sometimes targeting that is too broad can raise the price of ads unnecessarily. The reason for this is Facebook is unclear about who exactly you want to target. It shows the ads to a wider range of people and it is less relevant to them.

Use specific targeting of your audience to both target them precisely and also speak to them directly with your ad copy and use of image. Lower negative feedback by targeting correctly. Raise positive feedback to balance out any negative feedback on your ads. Make sure to social proof the ad to help with this too.

Ad creative

An image or video is the first thing that captures attention. When people are scrolling through their feed, or browsing, it is the creative that makes them stop. Then it is the headline, then the copy. You should test at least three different types of creative to see what your audience likes best.

What happens when the creative and copy does not capture the audience’s attention? How can you tell? Usually the Cost Per Thousand (CPM), which is the price to get 1000 impressions, will by high. If this is the case, your audience is not resonating with your creative. You can also look at the Click Through Rate (CTR) as an indication; it should be one per cent, which is the average.

Copy and landing page

If your ad leads off Facebook, especially to a landing page, it is important to ‘keep the scent’ of the ad. This means using the same or similar language in the ad as on the landing page. For instance, you can use the same copy in both the ad headline and the landing page headline. The same is true for the Call-To-Action.

Facebook scans both the ad on Facebook, and the landing page or other places you send people off of Facebook. It looks for consistency and continuity. That is why it is important to keep the scent. This will reduce the ad spend.

There are many other statistics to look and and tactics to improve the use of your Facebook ad budget.

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