Now Run Ads in Facebook Marketplace

Now you can promote marketplace posts as ads

Facebook Marketplace is a place to buy and sell items. It is Facebook’s approach to take on Craigslist head on. They are taking steps to make it more than a glorified garage sale. One of those steps is that you can advertise on Marketplace for your business. Previously, there was no paid option, and they are still rolling paid ads out to much of the rest of the world.

Run Ads in Facebook Marketplace

How Marketplace ads can benefit your business

In addition to showing ads in Marketplace, they will also show in News Feed now. This means there is more real estate available and more people will see your ads.

That’s not the only benefit. Targeting options are greatly improved, too. You can select targeting options like you can with other ad types. During the test phase earlier this year, it was only age demographics and geographic location.

Plus, Facebook is offering partnership programs for certain types of sales, including: vehicles, home rentals and home services.

Advanced campaigns

Marketplace ads are no longer only Show in X Location. Many advanced campaign types can be used, including Reach, Traffic, Conversions, Catalog sales or Video views.

This means you can drive traffic to a website, app or Messenger. Or sent people directly to your online store Catalog for sales. It also means you can use the Conversion objective which uses the more powerful part of the Facebook algorithm, and makes use of Facebooks’ tracking Pixel to monitor ROI.

It also lets you take advantage of some of the least expensive ad objectives to get in front of the most people possible, or get video views.

What happens is that when someone taps on your ad, they go to wherever you choose to send them when you set up the ad.

Connect with your audience

The key to succeeding with ads is fast follow up. Who gets the sale is often who responds first. There are many ways to make responding fast, easy and automated.

A reply can be a simple copy and paste response. Then, depending on their next questions, customized answers can lead a customer closer to a sale.

Better yet, you can set up an automated system. You can use bots to craft responses to what people ask and say. The key here is to figure out which sequence produces the most sales. Ideally, you want someone to commit to something for free or a low price point.

Another great option is to run Messenger ads to people you’ve already spoken with for follow up. This will really help with conversions.

If you’re considering testing Marketplace ads, you’ll get an advantage if you do it now while this is still so new.

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Tip of the Week: Use Marketplace ads to reach more people in your local area who are looking to purchase.

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