New Rules of Facebook Custom Audiences

What you need to know

With the Cambridge Analytica issues, and pressure from governments, Facebook is changing some of its privacy protections. One of these is about using Custom Audiences. Here’s what you need to know.

New Rules of Facebook Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences

You can use existing customer email addresses or phone numbers to create a custom list which can be used to target people with a similar profile on Facebook. What is changing is that now you will be held responsible for how that data was obtained. You will have to confirm every list you upload, to agree that you obtained the data correctly and have the rights to use it. You will need to sign Facebook’s Terms of Service before being able to use the list.

Partner Categories

You can also create custom audiences using data from partners of Facebook. However, much third-party data is going away. You can use them up until August 14, 2018. If you do, you can continue to use them until the end of September this year. Why does this matter? Some of this data is highly valuable to advertisers. It includes demographic information, and past purchasing behavior.

Checking your own data on Facebook

You can now see what data Facebook has on you, and what advertisers have too. Go to and look at the section ‘Advertisers you’ve interacted with.’ Under the tab ‘who have added their contact lists to Facebook you can see which businesses and politicians can advertise to you because they or a partner shared your email address with them.

It’s important to keep up to date with the data rules on Facebook, for yourself, your business and for advertising purposes.

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Tip of the Week: Make use of Partner Categories as Custom Audiences while you still can, and create a plan for after they are gone.

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