New Facebook Tracking Pixel

Facebook introduces 1st party cookies

If hearing the words ‘Pixel’ and ‘Cookies’ makes your wince, or your mind go a blank, here is a cheat sheet to what it all means, and how it impacts Facebook advertising. Facebook is making a change, again. This time, it is about how it tracks people off of Facebook, when they are on websites.

New Facebook Tracking Pixel

The reason behind the new pixel

When people browse the web, they use a website browser. While Google Chrome remains the most popular, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox are popular too. Recently, Apple and Mozilla have updated their browsers to block 3rd party cookies.

What are cookies?

No, these are not the eating kind of cookies. Cookies are small files which hold a small amount of information about what you did on a website you visited. The purpose is to help you return to where you left off, remember your login, and other preferences of how you like to use the website.

Currently, Facebook’s pixel is a 3rd party cookie, which means it cannot track people on Safari or Firefox. With a 1st party cookie, it will be able to track people. Here’s the difference. A first party cookie is created by the website a person is visiting. A third party cookie is created by a third party and not the website.

How this impacts advertisers

3rd party cookies help advertisers track users across multiple websites. This allows advertisers to create more targeted ads, based on a person’s actual preferences. They see more ads related to topics which interest them.

The change comes on October 24th. From then, the 1st party pixel will be the default pixel, but you will be able to change your selection at any time. As long as a website has established a 1st party relationship, Facebook can track information and pass it back to Facebook to inform advertising choices.

While some people feel that 3rd party tracking is a privacy and digital security issue, this is already standard practice with Google and Bing. Realistically, this will not change much for advertisers.

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Tip of the Week: Make sure your tracking pixel is set up properly to get the most out of your Facebook ads.

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