How to Rapid Fire Test Facebook Ad Variables

Get the best performance from your ads

Facebook ads require planning and continual improving. It is rare that you can create an ad and it performs spectacularly first time. Here are all the variables to test for, and how to run a rapid fire test to get the best performance out of your ads.

Rapid fire test

A rapid fire test is a fast way to see if your creative, audience, and offer are on point. It can be done in a week, and for a budget of about $500. You can run multiple tests to really refine your ads.

What ad variables to test

There are many parts of a Facebook ad, and here is what you can test.

The image or video – The first thing that captures attention while a person is scrolling is the creative. You should have at least 3 images ready to go to test out, all at the same time. You will also need additional images to swap in for those images that do not perform well.

The headline – This is the second thing people notice. A good headline is results based, and typically indicates a desired outcome for your audience. Test 2 to 3 different headlines.

The copy – This is the actual wording in the ad text area. You can use short, mid or long copy. To get people to take action, direct copywriting works best. Break up the copy to show white space to make it easier for someone to read. Use ellipses to break up multiple sentences and help your reader to connect from one sentence to another. You can also add emojis, which are known to perform well.

The call to action – This is the thing you are asking them to do next, after they have read your ad copy. This can be a link in the copy, or it could be a call to action button. It is worth testing with and without a button. Without usually works best because it does not look so much like an ad.

The audience – You can test whether different audiences are more or less responsive to you ads. Once you do this and find which is typically the cheapest and gets the best results, you can put more ad budget into ads for them.

The offer – You may have an idea of what you want to offer, but this does not mean your audience wants it! You can test several different offers out, by offering it to the same audience and seeing which performs better.

Rapid fire testing is a great way to split test a whole variety of ad variables. You can do multiple rounds, depending on how many items you are testing out.

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Tip of the Week: Use rapid fire testing to find the best performing Facebook ads.

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