How to Leverage Facebook Custom Lifetime Value Audiences

Get More Bang for your Facebook Ads Budget

Custom Audiences are a powerful way to target people with Facebook ads. You can use your current customer list to target similar people on Facebook. The real gold comes with using Lifetime Value lists to target new audiences that are similar to your highest value clients.

How to Leverage Facebook Custom Lifetime Value Audiences

Lookalike Audiences

A lookalike audience is created in Facebook from a list of your current customers. Facebook will find people who have similar characteristics and behaviors to your current list. This will create a much bigger list that you can use for targeting.

You will need to create a Custom Audience to get started. Once you have this, you can expand this by creating a Lookalike Audience within your ad account.

Lifetime Value Audiences

The lifetime value of a customer is how much a single customer spends with you over the entire time they remain a customer. Some will be a one-off, others will come back time and time again – it is these people who are most valuable to your business. It is this group that we want to leverage by finding more people just like them. That’s where lifetime value audiences come in.

Using your custom audience which is your lifetime value audience, you can create a lookalike audience of those people. This is the gold for targeting.

How To Do It

You will need to create or download a list from an email service or CRM system you are using. Facebook will match these with its users. They will usually match between 60-80% of the contacts on your list.

You will need a list of at the very minimum 200 people, depending on the quality of your data. Lists over 1000 generally work better.

It’s fairly easy to get started.

  1. Download from an email service or CRM, or make a list of email addresses or phone numbers from existing customer data
  2. Save the list as a CSV or TXT file
  3. In Facebook, go to ‘Audience’ section of the Facebook Power Editor or Ads Manager
  4. Next, click the Create Audience button, select the Custom Audience option, and then choose Customer List
  5. Upload the CSV or TXT file list you previously saved

Now, sit back and wait for it upload. It can be as quick as 30 minutes, or take a full day, depending on whether Facebook is busy.

Those are just two ways to use your current customer contact information to target on Facebook.

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Tip of the Week: Use custom lifetime value audiences on Facebook to target similar customers to those of most value to you.

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