How to Effectively Use the Facebook Pixel

Pixel events are not all equal

To use Facebook ads most effectively, proper tracking needs to be in place. This means the Pixel needs to  be set up, and used, properly. This is sometimes easier said than done.

How to Effectively Use the Facebook Pixel

What the Pixel is and how it works

Why do you need to use the Pixel properly? The Facebook Pixel offers a selection of standard ‘events’ which you can use to track different activities online. Something you may not know is that all events are not equal!

Events form a sequence. When installed correctly, they provide step by step tracking that allows Facebook to optimize for the best result. Set up incorrectly means that Facebook optimizes for the wrong thing.

For instance, you might want people to sign up on your website. If the pixel is installed correctly, Facebook will get the feedback that anyone who signs up and is directed to a Thank You page is a great quality lead, and will deliver more of the same type of people to you. If the pixel is installed incorrectly, you may be inadvertently telling Facebook to optimize for people who Do Not sign up!

It is vital to plan out which event will be placed at the different stages of your sales funnel.

How to use the Facebook pixel to optimize ads and your sales funnel

You need at least two events for Facebook to optimize your funnel. This lets Facebook know the conversions between the first step and second step. Using three events is even better.

When using standard events, the flow of the steps in your funnel need to match with how Facebook understands the event sequence.

For lead generation, the events to use are: Page View, Complete Registration, Lead – in that order.

For ecommerce, the events are: Page view, View Content, Add to Cart, Purchase.

What happens when the tracking is wrong

Some methods suggest that you put the purchase or lead event at an earlier step of the sales funnel. This can cause havoc, and its long lasting as the Pixel remembers past data. It can be retrained, but this takes time and money.

If you have a high add to cart abandon rate, and you place Purchase at this step, then you will optimize for more people who will abandon the cart and not purchase.

It is vital that your Facebook Pixel is set up correctly for what you are trying to achieve to get the best results.

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Tip of the Week: Set up, install and use the Facebook tracking Pixel event correctly to get the most optimization for your sales funnel.

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