The Future of Facebook say Industry Leaders

From experts at the Facebook Ads Agency Accelerator Mastermind event

This past weekend I attended the Facebook Ads Agency Accelerator event in Hawaii. It was an intimate group of Facebook ads experts, agency owners and entrepreneurs. The speaker lineup was expert after expert and the insights were many.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting direct quotes and key insights from each speaker. First, here is an initial summary of the future of Facebook from the industry’s best.

The Future of Facebook say Industry Leaders

Many people are asking me about the impact of Facebook with all the Cambridge Analytica incident and Mark Zuckerberg being interviewed by Congress.

Facebook will continue. There may be a slight drop off in people on Facebook, but it remains the single largest place to advertise online after Google. Advertisers may also drop off which offers the opportunity for other businesses to move into the space they made available. It will also mean advertising will require more expertise and finesse as Facebook cracks down on its polices.

Regulation is increasing, and it is a good thing. New regulation in the European Union, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will raise overall standards. What comes out of Congress will also raise the bar. To a certain extent, Facebook advertising is the Wild West at the moment. It offers vast opportunities for business now, and will offer more structured options in the future.

Complexity will increase and a higher level of marketing skill will be required. A marketing strategy and sales funnel is needed to get the most out of advertising on Facebook. What does this mean? It means that rather than just boosting a post, you will need a full marketing funnel to get the most out of running ads. The funnel will walk people through a series of steps, which could be a series of ads, to get them to ultimately buy from you.

Overall, Facebook will remain a key platform to advertise on and use as a marketing tool for businesses.

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