Facebook Messenger Chatbots Increase Sales

How to use chatbots to grow your business

Chatbots simulate conversations and can be used on Facebook’s Messenger. People actually prefer to interact with businesses via Messenger. Chatbots allow a business to automate customer service, qualify leads, and promote deals and upsell to customers. With 1.2 billion active monthly users on Messenger, this is one of the latest ways to grow your business with Facebook.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots Increase Sales

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is an automated system used to communicate with users through short, text-message like messages. It acts as virtual person and aids in communicating through websites, applications or instant messengers. Called bots for short, these allow businesses to get closer to customers.

Why use a chatbot

It can save a great deal of time before engaging with a customer service or sales representative. They are very effective tools to communicate with customers and potential customers. Up to 60% of people who get a message via Facebook Messenger through a chatbot engage with the message. It outperforms the next best tool – email marketing. With an email open rate of 15-40%, a business will only see a 1-3% click-through rate which means a 3% engagement rate. That’s 3% compared to 60% with chatbots on Messenger.

This is relatively new technology, yet we know that technology moves quickly and that first adopters reap the biggest benefits. There are over 65 million active businesses on Facebook and an estimated 80 percent use messaging to reach Facebook Messenger’s 1.2 billion monthly users.

Create a chatbot

There are numerous chatbot creation tools:

  • ManyChat – one of the most popular for Facebook Messenger
  • Chatfuel – another popular tool
  • Beep Boop – hosting platform for Slack and Facebook Messenger bots
  • ChattyPeople – Enterprise ChatBot Tool Platform for Facebook and Slack to build text and voice bots
  • Smooch.io – Supports a wide selection of social media engagement for enterprise level solutions.

ManyChat is one of the most popular tools because it ties directly into Facebook advertising. When someone clicks your ad, ManyChat can open a bot in Messenger and start the conversation automatically.

Chatbots can be used for lead generation and the rise in bots has seen a correlated rise in sales. Bots can be used to answer questions, reach out a few days later with a promotional code, offer an ebook, provide a video testimonial and more. The applications are endless, and certainly one to test out for business.

Want to try a chatbot for your business? We build bots to qualify leads, promote deals and increase sales, to get people booked on a call with you, and bots to deliver lead magnets and to get people on your email list. Contact Danielle on 760-440-5494 or danielle@760marketing.com

Tip of the Week: Use Facebook Messenger chatbots to increase in sales, bookings, and productivity.

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