How to Choose Facebook Ad Placements

Understanding where to put your ad money

Knowing where to place your ads when you have a limited ad budget is the difference between the ad being seen in relevant places, and wasted ad money.

There are four main areas to place ads through Facebook advertising: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network. Here is a review of the different placements.

How to Choose Facebook Ad Placement


Feeds – people will see these ads in their news feed as they are scrolling through posts. They will see them on their laptop/desktop or mobile device.

Right Column – when people are on their laptop or desktop, they will see a right hand column. Ads placed here will be seen here.

Instant Articles – these ads will show up in Instant Articles in the mobile app and Messenger app. It is a tool designed for media publishers that allows Instant Articles to load up to 10 times faster than other articles.

In-Stream Video – while people are watching Live video and Video on Demand, advertisers that meet strict guidelines have the opportunity to show 5-15 second ads during videos that people are watching. These ads are also available for videos shared through Audience Network.


Feeds – these ads will appear in the desktop or mobile feed.

Stories – ads can appear in the stories people share on Instagram. They will only appear when people are browsing through stories. They can be one photo or a video of up to 15 seconds.


Sponsored Messages – ads will be shown to people who have already started a conversation with a business using Messenger. These type of ads aim to re-engage people.

Audience Network

Facebook has a network of relevant apps and websites, and it sells ad space across it. You can reach more people, off of Facebook, by using this network. You can reach audiences on mobile apps, websites, and connected TV apps.

With so many places to run ads, budgets can go quickly. Pick the best place for what you are trying to achieve, and test what works best.

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Tip of the Week: Choose and test Facebook ad placements based on your business goal.

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