Advanced Facebook Audience Targeting

What to do now partner category targeting is gone

Facebook is improving its privacy and protection of your personal data. That’s great for each of us personally, but what does this mean for businesses advertising on Facebook? It means targeting is getting more difficult and more advanced strategies are needed.

Advanced Facebook Audience Targeting

Facebook is removing Partner Categories data from today. A lot of demographic and behavioral data is going, such as income, housing situation, company size, and retail purchase behavior.

Layered Targeting

You may not want to target a vast audience of millions. With the right approach, you can start with a large, broad audience, and refine it down by layering that audience.

How to do it: When choosing your audience, you can also narrow and exclude options. Narrow means that your audience must match the first selection AND one of the options in the narrow selection. Excluding allows you to refine your targeting. You can do this with interests, demographics, behaviors and more.

Use the Audience Insights tool

Perhaps you are not really sure how to refine your audience targeting. There is a tool to help! You can use the Audience Insights tool to both expand or narrow your targeting. This tool allows you to find different interests related to the audience you already know. You can find out what other interests they have, such as thought leaders they follow, publications they read, and other pages and topics they expressed an interest in.

How to do it: Log into your ads account. Select Audience Insights in the menu. Make selections on the left-hand side menu and then review the information in the tabs along the top of the page: demographics, page likes, etc. Use some of these in your layering or targeting.

Test what works

When in debut, test what works! Previously, I showed you how to run a Rapid Fire Test. This will allow you to see if your creative, audience, and offer are on point. This is a great place to start and will validate (or not) your new targeting options.

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Tip of the Week: Use advanced targeting to expand or narrow your target audience on Facebook.

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