5 Ways to Audit Facebook Ad Performance

How to audit your Facebook ad account

You see the money being spent on Facebook ads every month. You know something is happening. I bet you would really like to know if it is making a difference to your business.

How do you know if your Facebook ads are performing? An audit can tell you. Here are 5 things to look at when auditing your ad account.

5 Ways to Audit Facebook Ad Performance

1. Mix of ads

Look at what type of ads you run. Are they all the same type, such as boosted posts? If they are, you can get much more out of ads by using different ads for different goals. Goals fall into three categories, depending on where your audience is in the buying cycle: awareness, consideration or conversion. There are multiple options within each category for you to test. Testing is by far the best way to see what works best in your area, for your audience, with your offer.

2. Ad format

Are you using different ad formats? Image, link, video, and carousel are all options. Do you use them all? Test to see how they differ. You will find that different types of formats work for different situations. For example, sharing a blog link is great for engagement or link clicks. A video is an inexpensive way to gather an interested audience. Carousels are great if you have multiple products to sell.

3. Improvement over time

How does your first campaign compare to your more recent ones? As the ads continue to be run, you should see an improvement over time. Your tracking Pixel will become more seasoned. Your audience will grow. Facebook will understand your audience and goals better over time, and will automatically adjust accordingly. Your ad performance should be improving too. Testing and optimizing can help with this.

4. Ad images and copy

Are you testing enough images and copy? Every ad set should test at least three different images. Ad copy should be tested too. The same is true for video, and types of shared links. Do you test your ads? For each campaign you need to be testing continually. Once the results start to drop-off, new ads need to be created.

5. Clicks and performance

Take a look at the performance of ads by looking at the numbers. View leads, link clicks, cost per engagement, video views, and all the options under ‘Clicks and Performance’. This will give you a good idea of how your ads are benchmarking against industry standards.

With an audit, you can find what is working, what is not, and areas to improve. The numbers will tell a lot, but so will the overall ad account.

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Tip of the Week: Audit your Facebook ad account to understand and optimize your ad spend.

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