3 Steps to Set Up Facebook Conversion Ads

How to set up a conversion campaign

One of the most powerful tools in Facebook’s ad arsenal is Conversion campaigns. It uses a whole additional part of their algorithm – the part that dives deep into the psychology of people. Get the most out of Facebook Conversion campaigns by setting them up correctly.

A conversion campaign automatically optimizes to get you the most conversions. These might be registrations, purchases, leads or sign ups. Here are three steps to set up conversion ads. This assumes you have already created a sales funnel of landing pages and thank you pages.

3 Steps to Set Up Facebook Conversion Ads

1. Tracking Pixel

Facebook’s Pixel allows you to track activity on and off Facebook, and helps track success and return on investment. It also retains all past data and builds up knowledge of your audience, making future ad campaigns more targeted.

First, make sure your Facebook Pixel is active. In Ads Manager, navigate to the Pixel settings and check it is set up. If not, install it and add it to your website.

Decide what Events you are going to use for your campaign. You can use different ones for the different stages of the funnel. An example of this might be Page View, Lead, Complete Registration. Add the correct Event to your landing and thank you pages.

If you are using a Custom Conversion, create the conversion and add it to your landing page. Open the page in a new browser window and allow an hour for it to become active.

2. Audiences

Set up your audiences before you create your ads. You will need a target audience, a retargeting audience and a converted audience so you can exclude them. Create target audiences as Saved Audiences, and retargeting and converted audiences as Custom Audiences. You can also create Custom audience with an existing customer email list, or use that list to create a lookalike audiences of similar people.

3. Images and Copy

Create your images or video ahead of time in the correct size. You will need to know what type of ads you want to run first to get the sizing correct. Prewrite your copy and include a headline, sub headline, long form text copy, and decide what call to action buttons, emojis and links you will use. Create at least three images to test which preforms better, and have two alternative headlines to test after finding the best image.

When all that is in place, you are ready to go into Ads Manager and create your ads.

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Tip of the Week: Set up your Pixel tracking, audiences and images/copy before creating your ads to get the most out of a Facebook conversion campaign.

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