Customer Loyalty Programs for Local Business Presentation

Get, keep and see repeat business from customers

Customer loyalty is when people choose to buy a service or product again, after they had a positive experience which encourages them to come back to purchase again. A customer loyalty program is a tool or series of tools that help that customer to buy again. It takes 5-25 times more money and effort to acquire a new customer than to sell to a current customer. Plus, current customers spend 67% more than new customers. This is why you want a solid customer loyalty program in place!

Customer Loyalty Programs for Local Business Presentation

Join me, Danielle, at Mainstreet Oceanside on Tuesday, June 19 from 2-3pm. This event is free, and is to help support local businesses with customer retention and loyalty, especially during construction in the summer and beyond. The main takeaway will be: get an overview of customer loyalty and retention options and pick the best for your business.

The presentation will cover:

  • Different loyalty programs, such as punch cards, SMS, email, POS options
  • Customer retention strategies: offers, how to communicate the offer, frequency to get the message out
  • Hands on worksheet: what will work best for you? Worksheet will help identify the best option for you
  • Q&A on getting, keeping, and increasing the average lifetime value of customers

About the speaker

Danielle Milne runs 760 Marketing, helping businesses with online marketing. She specializes in generating leads to grow businesses, especially using Facebook ads. 760 Marketing aims to make a positive impact with marketing,  and makes it easy to build and grow a business online by identifying the best approach for each business and using the latest tech. She is not affiliated with any customer retention program and speaks on this topic as part of an overall approach to win, keep and wow your customers.

Interested to join? The event is free and open to all. Please RSVP to Gumaro You can also contact Danielle on 760-440-5494 or

Tip of the Week: Get a customer loyalty program in place to get repeat customers and make advocates of them.

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