How to Use Gmail as Professional Email

Setting up professional email with G Suite

Are you looking for professional email service that doesn’t break the bank each month? G Suite by Google is a great tool, and perfect for small business!

You get Gmail email, Documents, Drive for storage and calendar functions for business. The best part, it can easily take on your business website name for a seamless, professional look and integration.

How to Use Gmail as Professional Email

G Suite is Google’s professional email and business offer, which starts at just $5 a month. You get all the ease of use of Gmail, plus it’s tied to your custom website address. Here are some top tips for getting the most from it.

Set up your domain

Connect your business website domain with Gmail. This makes your email address the same as your business website name. You can create an email address with you name, plus your website name. This means you can send email from your business web address ( which looks professional.

Create aliases

An email alias is an alternative email name, such as, that still arrives in your email inbox. You can create multiple aliases for the same email account. The benefit of having aliases is that you can send and receive emails from different aliases all through one main email inbox. For example, you can create or any other you need.

Set up labels – Google’s version of folders

You can organize your email inbox by creating labels. Labels are like folders, except you can have more than one label for each email message.

Create group mailing lists

Group mailing lists use one email address to receive an email, and then multiple people receive it. For example, could be your public email address which customers use to email you. The customer email would then be sent to everyone in your sales group to their own email inbox.


G Suite comes with a calendar for your business email account. This is your exclusive business calendar. You can also add other calendars to show in this one. It’s great to keep business and personal calendars separate, but still visible on one calendar.

Google Drive

Use Google Drive to store and share documents and files online. You get 30GB of online storage per user. It’s an easy way to share documents with someone else. Depending on the permissions you give them, they can make edits in the same document, avoiding multiple versions of the same document. It’s also an easy way to share items you send out frequently, without having to upload and attached them each time.

Google offers 24/7 live support for when you need. Plus, they offer a 14-day free trial.

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Tip of the Week: Use Gmail and G Suite for professional email that has the same name as your business website address.

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