The Power of P.S. in Email Marketing

When and how to use a P.S.

A P.S. has been used for years and years by direct marketers for its effectiveness in getting people to take action. Today, it is just as effective in email marketing, although people use it less.

Email marketing provides great value for small businesses to market to customers. Here’s why you should use the P.S. more at the end of emails!

The Power of P.S. in Email Marketing

What is a P.S.?

P.S. stands for postscript, meaning post or after the main written copy. It will appear at the end of a letter or email. It draws attention and calls out that information. It can be a few words, sentences or even a paragraph.

A P.S. is a space to speak more informally. You can even think of it as a whispered comment, like you would do when giving some juicey piece of information.

Why and when to use a P.S. in emails

Call-to-action – your P.S. can simply be repeat of your call-to-action.

Second most important point – put the second most important information in the P.S. as people are much more likely to retain it when placed there.

Whet their appetite – use it as a heads up of what is coming in the next email.

For the scanners – most people scan what they read online, and this is true of email too. A P.S. can make it easy for a scanner to read and more likely they will see that information.

Ask a question – you can use this space to ask a direct question. This might even be your call-to-action in question form.

Improve link clicks – using a P.S. can boost your click through rates when you want to direct people to a website page.

Testimonials – you can include a testimonial in the P.S. to underline the content of the email.

Offers – use this space to offer a promotion, download, or something of value.

Urgency – a P.S. can add urgency, to get people to take some action.


The P.S. has lots of uses. What would you use it for?


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Tip of the Week: Use a P.S. in emails to call attention to important information and get people to take action.

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